Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow is a magical world where only good exists and people from all backgrounds, all beliefs and all nationalities come together to experience the wonders of this extraordinary, enchanted valley.

Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow is a 40-acre resort inn with more than 150 unique dwellings and treehouses, a 150-seat restaurant, a 500-person meeting and event center, and a 1,000-seat outdoor amphitheater scheduled to open in 2020.

The themed resort is based on a book written by Tom Boyd called The Bobbins – Outcast to the Inner Earth. The book portrays a fantasy world where there is no negativity and people from all cultures and places live and work together in harmony.

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Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow includes miles of walking trails connecting all guest homes and event areas on the property. The elaborate landscaping, water features and stone walls make visitors feel like they have stepped back in time to a more peaceful world. In the evening, dogs herd sheep in the pasture and millions of fireflies light the valley. Live music washes over the hillside from the Artisan Center and friends and families gather around campfires.