Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow is a themed resort featuring 100 homes. Guests stay in one of the unique homes that include grass roofs, decorative exteriors, and fully furnished interiors reminiscent of a fantasy world. 

In addition to the ground dwellings that form Ancient Lore Village, there are 50 treehouses where guests can choose between one, two and three-bedroom units with balconies overlooking the village in the valley. There are also three luxury units with five bedrooms each – called “Willows Homes” – that have balconies overlooking the entire property.

Resort Dwellings at
Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow


The Willows are an extraordinary species who live in lush, beautiful valleys. Their homes match the heart of the Willows themselves, with friendship and togetherness at the center of every home.


Dwarfs are less than three feet tall and have huge, strong arms – but they have a smile that melts hearts. They live in beautiful homes carved into the hillside overlooking the valley.


The Fairies are beautiful girls with two wings. They can be very tiny or quite large, but all of them welcome visitors to their special place in the valley. Fairy homes are easy to recognize because of the cone-shaped horns extending from the front wall.


Gremlins have fluffy hair, oversized ears and beautiful large eyes that make them look like dolls. They live in cute vine-covered houses with thatched roofs and oblong doors.

Ground Elves

The Ground Elves are farmers who live on the plains. Because they used to live in trees, all the Ground Elves’ houses are two stories high with beautiful balconies overlooking their fields.


The Leprechauns live in a valley awash in flickering lights. They live in pretty little homes with round doors on the hillsides overlooking the valley. Each Leprechaun home is easy to recognize because of its bright green roof and round doors.


Orcs are large, threatening-looking creatures with two large teeth protruding over their bottom lip. Despite their appearance, Orcs are friendly and welcoming. Their homes are carved into the mountainside and are quite spacious because of the size of the Orcs.

Tree Elves

The Tree Elves are some of the friendliest creatures in Ancient Lore Village. They live in beautiful treehouses that appear to be floating on the treetops. The Tree Elves love spending time together, so their homes are connected by walkways with common meeting areas.


Yeti are towering, fur-covered creatures who live in a gorgeous valley at the foot of the mountains. The Yeti are hospitable and always welcome strangers into their homes. A Yeti house is made of stone with a beautifully decorative front door and a stone chimney.

Illustrations courtesy of Bobbie Crews