Village Dwellings

Spoil yourself in luxurious comfort.

Imagine your next adventure as a staycation to Ancient Lore Village.  You will have full access to the entire village, walking trails on the sixty-seven-acre property, beautifully landscaped gardens, cascading waterfall and vistas of the Smoky Mountains.

Enjoy the food and entertainment of one of our Signature Events, take a hike on the walking trails, challenge each other at the Gremlin Game Yard, relax by the waterfall with a refreshment as the sun sets and wake to a quiet morning with a cup of coffee in the Village Gardens after a restful slumber.  Each dwelling has been thoughtfully designed and decorated with a unique theme that compliments the personality of a specific character of Ancient Lore Village.  We have seven uniquely designed dwellings for you to choose from.

Immerse yourself in the splendor of a simpler time while enjoying all the luxuries of a 5-star resort!

Ancient Lore Village

Bokee's Bungalow

Bokee’s Bungalow was the first dwelling built at the Ancient Lore Village. With sleeping accommodations for up to eight [8] people, this two-level signature home is our largest dwelling rounding out at 1600 sqft. The bungalow has two [2] private bedrooms each with a queen bed, four [4] bunk beds, and three [3] full bathrooms, a dinette, wet bar, and game area. In addition, a custom fireplace and several unique seating areas [both upstairs and downstairs] encourage you to unplug and unwind. Bokee’s Bungalow was built 19 ft underground and topped with 75,000 pounds of dirt allowing us the opportunity to ship in 1,500 gallons of special potted grasses which only grow two [2] feet tall, and rebloom, every year!

Waterfall Villas

The Waterfall Villas was built with the vision of a larger family's stay... or a couple looking for a more spacious option!  It can connect two [2] rooms: one beautiful wood-themed 600 sq. ft. room, complete with a hanging king size bed while, in the adjoining 400 sq. ft. room, a spacious and comfy queen-size sleeper sofa awaits a good night's rest.  The Waterfall Villas promises relaxation as you sit beside a beautiful waterfall in the woods - all while enjoying nature's sites and sounds as you look upon the Smoky Mountains.

Orc Home

Just as the Orc is larger than life in Bokee’s Trek, the Orc Home sits at ~400 sq .ft. and contains oversized furniture and decor.  This dwelling is full of luxurious details, including a hand-crafted, breathtaking, oversized stone fireplace; the highest ceilings on the property; and adornments suited for a spacious stay.

Fairy Cottage

As anyone would guess upon approach with the lovely purple entryway and awning, our Fairy Cottage is most delicate and graceful inside.  Shimmers of pinks, creams, golds, and purples embellish the elegant fireplace and walls.  This ~400 sq. ft. dwelling's bathroom shower walls were crafted with bold and exquisite tiles creating a flower pattern that beautifully matches the overall theme of the dwelling.

Gremlin Den

Look up - and down!  The Gremlin Dens will leave you in awe of the... floors!  Unique, hand-crafted floors designed with a puzzle-themed inlay make these light and airy rooms truly stand out.  The Gremlin Dens, both 400 sq. ft. dwellings, can be adjoined or separate to best suit your needs.

Leprechaun Lair

Between the stunning jewels that adorn the walls and the gold that is embedded into the hypnotizing wall colors, you will feel lucky to have stayed here.  The enchanting 400 sq. ft. dwelling provides a charming king-size bed and full-size bathroom that leaves you feeling as if you've found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!