Ancient Lore Village

Founder and President, Tom Boyd, had a vision: Create a world where people from different backgrounds could live together in peace and harmony in a place where only good, genuine goodness, exists. This was the beginning of what is now Ancient Lore Village, a boutique event + wedding destination that specializes in executive retreats, group celebrations, and luxury weddings.

A Place Of Good

When Tom was touring across the state of Tennessee on a campaign trail with his son, Randy, he encountered a diverse group of personalities. Unfortunately, he discovered one thing was abundantly clear; there was so much hatred, intolerance, and a misunderstanding of others. The impact was huge and he felt like there was no other thing to do; he had to write about it.

Here, the story of Bokee came to life! In Bokee’s Trek: Outcasts To Inner Earth, the main protagonist, Bokee, takes an incredible journey and meets many different creatures. Ultimately, Bokee discovers that, no matter their differences, they can all live in peace, joy, harmony, and happiness - in a place where only good exists.

It was that moment Tom knew he had to build such a place... a place called Ancient Lore Village.

Ancient Lore Village Our Story