Ancient Lore Village

Founder and President Tom Boyd had a vision: to create a world where people from different backgrounds could live together in peace and harmony, in a place where only good exists. This was the beginning of what is now known as Ancient Lore Village, a boutique resort and event center that specializes in executive retreats, group celebrations, and high-end weddings.

A Place Of Good

When Tom was touring across the state of Tennessee on the campaign trail for his son, Randy, who was running for Governor, he encountered many different people. He was sadly disturbed that there was so much hatred, intolerance, and a misunderstanding of others. It was so striking to him that he decided to write a book on how the world could be better using Ancient Lore Characters.

The story of Bokee came to life. In Bokee's Trek, the main protagonist Bokee takes an incredible journey and meets many different types of people. He discovers that ultimately, no matter their differences, they can all live together in peace, joy, harmony, and happiness. In a place where only good exists.

It was at that moment Tom knew he had to build such a place. A place called Ancient Lore Village.

Ancient Lore Village Bokee